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♥♥ Our 2nd Anniversary ♥♥

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Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary!


Let me just take this moment to tell the world how much I LOVE my husband. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you have already read 50-some reasons why…And there are tons to come I promise you. If not, then let me just assure you that there are more reasons why I love Russ than there is space to write here.

When Russ told me three years ago that he loved me, I really had no idea how drastically my life would change. Our first year together was full of tumultuous ups and downs and painful adjustments to our relationship. Then we got married and things got both easier and more difficult. Easier because we were FINALLY together…for a time. Harder because we were faced with a lot of “grown up” difficulties…we had to go through the normal newlywed adjustments, financial difficulties, a miscarriage, and then the deployment to Afghanistan. Now here we are a year later. Over the past few months I feel like we have grown so much closer together than ever. A combination of actually having now almost NINE full months together and having a new baby on the way…for the first time ever I can actually say that I FEEL married!

Over the past two years, as I have expressed love for my husband and happiness at the state of our relationship, I’ve had many older married people make statements like “just you wait…” As if to say that everything I have been experiencing now will simply pass away with time.

My experience has been just the opposite. Our relationship has gotten better and better with each passing day. We have learned that love deepens and grows most through the little things in life that we share…the laughs, hugs, cuddles, and every day conversations. This is a true honeymoon…we live it every day.

As far as how we have celebrated, our trip to the Bahamas was our anniversary gift to each other, but we have found ways to make this day special. We have started a new tradition of our “anniversary cake.” We baked and decorated a cake together:




Today I surprised Russ by popping into his office at lunch time:


He in turn surprised me with flowers when he came home:


Then we went out for dinner:

2nd anniversary collageblog

And this journey that we’re on…
How far we’ve come, and I celebrate every moment.


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