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Home {Five Minute Friday}

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Today I am participating in a weekly feature on called Five Minute Fridays. Bloggers are given a writing prompt (topic) and told to write for *five minutes. “No *editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.” Today’s topic is “Home.”


It’s after 7 PM and I just saw a friend of mine post about today’s five minute friday. I purposely didn’t even check FMF today because it’s our anniversary and I had an anniversary post scheduled, which I still haven’t started because of time!

So I see Paula’s post and I realize that today’s prompt is “Home,” which just so happens to be my word for 2013.

Of all the days to NOT do FMF…

So I felt that it deserved at least a scatterbrained 5 minute post while I try to ignore the animal sounds coming from the bathtub where my husband is playing with Ezra.

*insert deep breath here*

Home…it still feels so elusive. We haven’t found much in the way of jobs for my husband. And what we have found hasn’t brought us anything concrete.

So now, we are planning to move back to my husband’s hometown within the next month or so.

I want to be excited and start planning life in our new home, but I’m still a little hesitant, as our plans could change any moment should we get a call about a job in one of the other 15-some-odd locations that we have applied for.

I keep thinking that maybe a month or two from now, we will be closer to that feeling of “home.”

Right now, it’s just limbo. And so I’m just trying to enjoy the home I have now. The one with the empty guestroom, messy child’s room, the husband interrupting my 5 minutes to ask me about a towel for Ezra, the quick kiss I just got from my son, and the anniversary cheesecake baking in the oven.


home five minute friday

(photo taken and added after my five minutes were up)


  • Tammy Perlmutter

    So glad you decided to post anyway! I know this feeling all too well, having moved 4 times in 6 years. Knowing you’re going to be picking up what tiny roots you put down, and dreading the work it will take to put down new roots. So much uncertainty. So much faith required to keep trusting and be expectant in a good way! And that longing for home. C. S. Lewis writes about how we are homesick for heaven, and we never quite feel at home until we get there. I pray you find connection, fellowship, provision, and peace on your journey. And that God will surprise you in amazing ways!!

    • Aprille

      What a heartfelt comment! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for all of your well-wishes!

      4 times in 6 years…are you a military spouse?

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