1. Heather McCool

    I love this Aprille. I’ve got my own things that should be fun or beautiful but just remind me of how much i mess up. Sometimes i even see that feeling rise up toward my kids themselves… and i find myself wanting to push them away. Motherhood is not clean and black and white, sometimes its purple and where does that fit? I just loved this. All of your mission and your writing and your heart rolled up into one tangible thing… God is so faithful to have perfected that mess for you. Im looking forward to hearing of the conversations that come from this bag. 🙂

  2. christywillard

    Oh, Aprille! Your honesty is refreshing. I have definitely had those moments when my expectations met a different plan. It doesn’t go very well! I think your bag is perfectly lovely because it was organic and reckless and out of the lines. I know I can be rigid, especially with messes (I hate them — mud piles, paint, play-doh). They give me heartburn. Ha! Anyway, I can relate. But I also know that sometimes we have to just let our expectations go and find contentment in what is.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. A lot of moms say they hate the mess. We do paint on occasion but we haven’t played with playdough, like, ever. Too much carpet in the house for that! We go straight from painting to the tub. It’s always messy.

      The bag has definitely grown on me, as has the lesson, and I’m excited to use (hopefully) both at the conference!

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