1. Aprille, I appreciated your transparency about this. I, too, have been feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people and information to process. I would hate to have anyone feel left out, so I’ve been trying to check blogs, leave comments, etc. so that there would be connections already made when we get there. It is a relief to be reminded that all this is unnecessary. Preparing our hearts is the most important thing. Thank you for your heart for others and for your honesty! I appreciate you.

    Deb Weaver

    • Oh Deb you captured my heart so well in this comment. Exactly. I don’t want ANYONE to feel left out – so of course have taken the responsibility of that not happening on my own shoulders, as my duty! But I am only one person and it’s God responsibility to take up that slack and make connections where we cannot!!!

  2. I love this! Let go… it’s not so easy sometimes and when we have built up in our minds how something is going to go – we risk disappointment when all the while, He intends to bless and surprise (ha – my OneWord this year!) and overwhelm in all the BEST ways! Good for you for throwing away all the reasons and ways you may have felt let down… praying with you that by the time Allume begins, you will be rested and ready for whomever He crosses in front of you! (With that said… come find me, girlie! I can’t wait to meet inrl!)

  3. So it just occurred to me while reading this that if I wasn’t so overwhelmed with all my other commitments, I would totally be where you are with the obsessive planning. I love a plan. I love a plan more than I love the actual experience (just ask my husband about Disney World). But I haven’t had the time to really process all that I want to do, so I’m just having to ride the tidal wave and pray I swim rather than drown. I love how much you’re anticipating this experience, but I love even more that you’ve got the guts to let go when you need to. That shows definite progress 🙂 thanks for the shout out by the way! Can’t wait to have a grain-free snack and free ourselves of perfectionism!

    • See, you get me. Love this comment SO MUCH!

      As for grain-free snacks, right now all I have packed is fruit leather. I am drawing a blank what else to bring other than apples. Most of my other go-to snacks need refrigerated.

  4. Heather McCool

    I’m Heather its nice to meet you, but don’t worry I’m not going to Allume.: )
    That relinquish word and that part where you were obedient and just trashed that baby… your baby… dude. I do that. And relinquish is a huge part of my walk right now too.

    So glad to meet another unabashedly sold out Christian. And thank you for giving us a view of your crow dinner because seeing that u should quit something and then doing it and than showing the world how it all happen. That’s humility, and that’s awesome.

  5. amyctilson

    Wahoo! But, definitely keep your eyes open for me and I’ll be doing the same! If we don’t connect, we’ll always have Twitter! 😉

    • Thank you Zohary. I feel like I want to stalk your blog more before we meet but we will see if God allows that to happen. I did print off that post that Debi wrote about you so I at least know that much! SO EXCITED!

  6. Oh my goodness! I have to admit, I had a feeling of panic when I saw your “move to trash” and “empty trash” screens! I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to documents!!! lol

    Other than that minor incident, I completely agree 🙂 Some of the people on my must-meet list last year at Allume ended up being a bit of a disappointment. They weren’t the same in person as I expected. However, others who weren’t on my must-meet list ended up being such a blessing to me. God will direct your steps in the best possible way 🙂

  7. That must have been so hard to let go of! I’m so glad you did though. I think that if you sit back and let HIM guide your path you’ll walk away amazed. If you tried to make your trip a giant “to do” you might have come home feeling really sad that you didn’t get to meet xzy.

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