1. I love this, Apriile, you have no idea how much. And I love you!! And I miss you!!
    I can sooo relate to what you are saying here, I look back at my life and think, man I am SO different then I used to be, and it’s for the better! Keep it up! <3

  2. April

    I’ve always been a geek about tv shows as well. My husband laughs at me because I go on marathons of shows I’ve already seen a million times! Dr. Who is a favorite, but I also love Fringe and Being Human.

  3. I haven’t even seen Dr. Who (I want to now!) and absolutely love this post. “Because my twenties have been full of a million regenerations…a million changes. A million times of looking in the mirror and seeing a totally different person and yet knowing that, in spite of all the changes, I’m still me.” Just love it!

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