1. oh hun, your words made me cry. praying for you today! you can always call me if you need to talk. i’ve been in that place. the only “advice” (and not really advice) i know to give is what helped me (and helps me still) – go find a quiet place and cry out to Him. even if you have to stay there for hours. get it all out and off your chest. when no one else in the world hears your heart, He does. He loves you. and i love you friend. <3

  2. Carrie Heath-Palaoro

    You are such an amazing writer, I felt like I was right there in your brain. Hope you find some fresh air to breath in that will restore your energy physically and emotionally. HUGS!!!!!

  3. {{{{HUGS}}}} and prayers. I know how you feel about just wanting to be left alone for a minute or three. I’ve been home for the first summer after losing a job several months ago, and while my 12-year-old is pretty self-sufficient, my 5-year-old wants mama constantly. It’s draining, even though I love my boys so very much. Sometimes it would be nice to go more than two minutes without hearing, “Mom! Come SEE!” or “Mom! What can I have to EAT?” I hear you on the difficulties of trying to make friends, feeling like the new person where you are, too. All of that drains your energy until it’s tough to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Both my boys will be back in school on Monday, and you know what I’m going to do that day? Come home and take a nap, and enjoy the blissful quiet. I enjoy your writing – thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  4. beckydaye

    It sounds to me like you got the exact therapy you needed on this day. So much love! Always. (And I wish I could give you that real life hug and confirm that you are well loved and NOT alone!)

  5. rhechristine

    So apparently we have the same mind 🙂 I could say all sorts of cliches, but I have a feeling that’s why you didn’t want to write this blog post in the first place. But I remember that feeling of not want to talk to people because it would be overwhelming or they might tell me they noticed something was off, so I kept it simple. All I know that I was so glad when I got help, talking with something and medication. I’m now on my second cycle and usually I’m on the medications for a year or less. It’s almost like a chemical reset. Am combine that with other things like small group, bible study and stuff like that. It’s good 😉 thanks for having the courage to hit “publish”

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