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ICYMI: TOP TEN! The most viewed blog posts of 2016

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It’s that time of year when I get to look back over my stats and see what’s popular on the blog! Having been blogging for eight years, a lot of the posts that get the most traffic are from years past, and that’s fine by me. But here’s the most popular posts that I wrote this year, with a few snippets to go along with them!

ICYMI: TOP TEN! The most viewed blog posts of 2016


10. What I’m doing differently with my second baby (based on 5 years of parenting a special needs first baby)

What I can hope is that the same routines and boundaries that we have learned and are using NOW to help Ezra learn good coping skills, social skills, and independence can also help Little Brother learn to cope with life in healthy ways at a younger age, regardless of how his brain will end up working.


9. Honest thoughts about our upcoming Presidential election

I know where I will be placing my vote come election day, based on what I and my husband value. I know that you might place your vote with another candidate or party – because of what you value – and I’m okay with that. I don’t have to agree with you to treat you with decency.

Draw your line in the sand. It’s your right, just as it is mine. But let us remember that this world is inherently broken. We are all hopelessly flawed. And – for better or worse – we are all just trying to do right by the nation we love.


8. Dear Moms of Preschool Boys: It gets easier, I promise

Dear Moms of Preschool Boys: I know you are weary. I know you are overwhelmed. I know you are touched out. I know that you would love a day off.

But I promise you…it DOES get easier. One day, like me, you will look at your boy and be in awe of what he has become. You will shake your head in wonder at how EASY it is (for at least today). You will feel yourself start to breathe a little bit easier, a little bit slower, and a little bit happier.


7. Questions I’m asking about my son’s special needs

I love my son. It’s imperfect. It’s messy. I probably fail at loving him well far more than I succeed, but I love him.

And I have to trust that God knows what He’s doing. One step at a time, one moment at a time, we will keep moving forward in a positive direction. And maybe, hopefully, someday–we will have some answers to these questions.


6. Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide for Special Needs Families (120+ Links!)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… But you know that’s not always the case. For kiddos that thrive on routines, face behavioral challenges, get overwhelmed quickly, need special diets, and more, facing the holiday season can fill a special needs parent with dread.

(Secret: You are not alone!)

That’s why it’s so great that the internet is here to provide you with practical advice, help, humor, and hope for your upcoming holiday season.


5. How to help your special needs child succeed at church

I believe that every church can be inclusive of special needs families.

It will take work. It will take brutal honesty. It will take open communication. It will take people stepping up to make a difference. It will take trying and not giving up – on the part of both the church ministry workers and the parents.


4. When you’re too tired to be a good wife

But sometimes you can’t give 100%. You can’t even give 50%. You can barely give 1%. Sometimes you are just too tired to be a good wife.

I’m submitting to you that even in those moments when you are at your weakest, your most empty, those dark places where you are hardly able to give or care about being a good wife at all – that the 1% matters a whole lot. And that it can sustain more than you think it can.


3. An open letter to the military bride who will wear my wedding gown

I sincerely hope and pray that in eight years, this will be you. Perhaps battle-worn, weary, and scarred – but still so in love and so glad that eight years ago you donned a white dress and walked down the aisle, naive but committed to loving this military man.

I hope that you, too, can say, “It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.”


2. What quitting chiropractic taught me about myself

I’ve stopped wearing my pain and physical limitations as a badge of honor. I’ve stopped being traumatized by a surgery that gave me two beautiful precious boys. I’ve chilled the heck out and seen everyone in my family do the same.

In short: I’ve stopped living my life as a martyr.

I’m not saying everyone should do what I have done. But I felt like I needed to be honest and “come out of the (natural health) closet” for you guys because I’m a different and better person now having made these choices.


1. Dear Formula Feeding Moms: I get it now

I get it now. I get that you love your babies and are doing what’s best for your mother-baby relationship. I understand why you would make the choice to quit trying to breastfeed, exclusively pump, supplement with formula, or formula feed from the very start.

I get that you are a person too and have needs just like your baby does.

I don’t judge you. I don’t pity you. Because now I am you.

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