1. This post resonates with me so much! Thank you for putting into words almost exactly how I feel. I am close friends with several people from the LGBT community. They are good people, my heart breaks. I try understanding, but know I must also stand firm to my own beliefs. My own answer is to live love and by that they may know my Savior. It is such a pity that other “Christians” are ruining Jesus’ truth and love with hate and judgment. There are verses in the Bible that talk about Christians brothers and sisters confronting each other in their sin. I believe it is my job to point others to Jesus not to change their sinful behavior– I will leave that to the Holy Spirit.

    • There is much to be said of “how we react” to this movement…

      Firstly (as one who WAS fundamental Indep) – there is nothing that takes the place of His Word. Nothing. No matter how the world may sugar-coat it, it is sin. The adulterous woman came to see the love of Christ in action and it is assumed she went her way, and sinned no more. Rehab was a harlot who repented and was used in the linage of Christ. So many others were sinners also…David, Paul, Moses, the list is endless. BUT in the end they turned to God.

      I too have friends who are homosexuals. They know I love them as friends and seek me out for concerns BUT they also know that I stand firm on the Bible and believe their lifestyle is sinful, but God has given us all free will. I pray for them and hope that my seeds of faith that I try to drop in conversation and actions will draw them to read His Word with an open heart and mind and be saved.

      This said…there is no bending the truth. Homosexuality is sin. It is there written several times.
      There is no such thing as same sex “marriage.” God created marriage between a man and a woman. There is no such thing as a transexual child or adult. We are either male or female.

      I will never “bend” His Word. The world will target you…and I have been targeted many times. But I will stand on His Word and serve Him by lovingly saying, “My friend I love you as a dear friend, and you can choose to live how you feel you must, but I am always here if you want to discuss God and salvation further.”

      It is in these trying times, that women of faith must step up and stand up firmly.
      The family is falling apart and the devil is all smiles.
      Children are confused and doomed to a life on psychological issues by what they are being taught by the world and public school system.

      Mother’s of the world can have a GREAT impact by standing firm, teaching their children what the Bible says, yet explaining to them that many may not obey and live according to God’s plan, but they are sadly living a life of sin.

      There is nothing more important than a child KNOWING what God created and what His Word clearly teaches. All for Christ, JO Wilmer “M” Words and the Christian Woman

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