1. jmwe29

    Very good post with excellent information. I have piles of triggers myself- songs, catch phrases, you name it. I still resent anyone that refers to God’s people as sheep, assuming they think we’re all stupid. I wanted to thank you for including links to my blog posts- Red Flag Churches. In a way, I hope there aren’t many that read them, but the problem is everywhere. I plan to put a link in to your blog- you take it a step further into recovery where I just hit on identifying these places.

    • Joyce, thank you for commenting. This is a journey and we are not all in the same place (and that’s okay). I still deal with triggers nearly every week, but using some of these “strategies” it gets easier and easier. Thank you for sharing; I hope to encourage as many as possible. There’s honestly not a lot of resources out there for people like us who want to keep pursuing God and faith outside of abuse, without rejecting faith completely.

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