1. This is simply beautiful God is using the talent He has given you, to help you fall in love with His Word again. It will take time, but it will work. He’s a Genius, isn’t He?

  2. Anthony

    You story is oh so true: especially of people today and those raised in fundamental churches. We have preached at us to do “these things”, which we do believing we will be spiritual and blessed. And then, the bottom falls out. After all of the disappointment, hurt, anger, etc. is over, we come to realize that we are still babes in Christ with baggage in our lives that should have been dealt with years earlier. We performed for God instead of fellowshipping with him. We worked instead of worshipped and we came up empty. I can tell you that it isn’t God, it is everyone else. Continue to color and sit at the feet of Jesus. He loves you. He understands your hurt and regardless of what anyone else will do or say, he us got you.

    Your story isso similar to my wife’s story. Like you, she is slowing overcoming it all. God bless!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, and for your encouragement. I hope your wife takes some time to read through some of my archives. Maybe it could help!

  3. I grew up going to Christian schools most of my life all they way through college. I know there can be a lot of “guilt-like” feelings involved with expectations regarding bible-stuff.

    The good news is, God doesn’t want us to be “in bondage”. Jesus is the Word (John 1) so I would encourage you to look at spending time in the Word as time spent with Jesus…because that is what it is! 🙂

    My suggestion, (I hope you don’t mind), would be to let go of the expectations and just read. Better yet, if you’re up for it, read and write it out stopping where you feel God is speaking to you about something going on in your life.

    Sometimes I will work my way through writing out a book of the bible. Right now I mainly just read through a book. I may do a chapter or more, or maybe half a chapter.

    Sometimes I even write out my prayers to God in a letter form in a notebook – no head bowed, no eyes closed – and that’s okay too! 😉

    No expectations. Just spending time with God and letting Him work on me. It’s a relationship afterall, not a religious duty. I’m just trying to encourage!

  4. Amanda

    So out of all the books you ordered, Which was your favorite and why? I have been looking to order a scripture based coloring book. (I have another one already but not faith related) I am trying to decide which to order.

  5. So glad I across this post! Thanks for being honest and open with your Scripture-study struggles. Your story is very similar to mine. My encouragement is to find what works and do it! Make the Word one of your favorite things, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore or make you want to quit. I devote my blog to this very struggle if you’re interested: journeyoftheword.com. I’ll be praying for you as you press forward. Blessings!

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