1. kathrynann24

    “What if we came to Him like that… God, I’m here, cradled in your arms. More mercies? You know I’m just a child. I don’t understand so much about my world…it’s all so confusing and frustrating. But right here I feel safe. More mercies? I know I’m going to fall flat on my face a thousand times today. I’m going to be drawn to danger and You are going to have to save me from it over and over because I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’m going to get bumps and scrapes and bruises because of my foolish actions. I’m going to disobey, and scream, and cry, and throw fits because I’m just a child and cannot possibly understand my world the way You see it. More mercies? More love? I know You are going to love me through everything I have to face today. Cuz you are my Daddy and You never stop loving me even when I frustrate Your grace a thousand times over. More mercies?”

    Tears…. loved this.

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