1. […] Introduction: some self-observations about legalism Part 1: what is “legalism”? Part 2: standing under the broken heart Part 3: hiding in shame, packing up my dreams Part 4: when you “trust and obey” but your heart still gets broken Part 5: when you’ve been hurt by legalism, hold onto faith Part 6: What do Brad Pitt, Josh Groban, and Sleepless in Seattle have in common? Part 7: perfection is not possible Part 8: finding healing and freedom in secular music Part 9: “I will keep believing that God still has a plan” Part 10: Plan A, 2.0 Part 11: Modesty: a picture of grace Part 12: Disconnect: when God just doesn’t seem relevant Part 13: Roses in the dumpster: seeing God in everyday life Part 14: Cheating on my church Part 15: Can you hear Jesus calling? Part 16: Checklists, control, and motherhood Part 17: forget where you “should be” and “give God your ugly” Part 18: When your church isn’t meeting your needs Part 19: on being “in your place” in church Part 20: when your spiritual journey doesn’t look like his Part 21: “Well…it feels comfortable…” Part 22: There are no “entry level positions” with God Part 23: “Sitting on the premises” – sometimes, it’s okay not to serve Part 24: The real me Part 25: “You are God, You are God, Of all else I’m letting go Part 26: Leave it all behind… Part 27: Accepting grace […]

  2. This is the pure gospel, a complete understanding of the nature of Grace. Probably one of the best articles I have ever seen on the subject. You are wise beyond your years, Aprille.

  3. mark allen ensley

    Thank you Aprille. I have been soaking on your article for several days now. Very helpful to this self-imposed legalist.

  4. James

    Hi there

    Thanks a lot for this post. It was really helpful. A good example of how passing on one’s experience and hope can really benefit others. I especially like how you refer to Hebrews 10. Just reading through that text now and realizing that there is absolutely nothing that we can add to being made perfect in Him.

    God bless you – I will pray for your family.


  5. Elise

    Do you have any more thoughts or posts on how to let go of our own goodness to live our daily lives???

    “You can’t truly accept God’s sacrifice as your salvation until you let go of your own goodness by admitting you are a sinner in need of a savior. That much we seem to accept easily. “I can’t go to heaven because I’m a sinner who has fallen short of the glory of God…Jesus is the only way to heaven.” We seem to get that so easily. (Or at least it was easy for me.)

    But this idea that we have to let go of our own goodness to live our daily lives? And live by faith that God’s grace is sufficient? That’s mind-boggling!”

    I love this!! I want to live in it I know there are parts of me that are too scared to admit “this is me trying to live in my own goodness” just looking for pointers on identifying them..

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