1. Oh Aprille, I can’t even imagine the stress you were feeling with this. I was stressed this past holiday season for normal obvious reasons and not for the added on of having to switch and upload all my content over to new. I am just happy to put a little comment here and there to let you know others including myself are reading and thinking about you. So glad it all got done and can understand you needing a bit of a break. Your site and those of us who read daily, will be here when you return 🙂 🙂 Now take a bit of time for you and enjoy!!!

  2. YAY!! I am so glad you finally made it on this journey, I know you are going to be SO much happer over here. 🙂 I was so blessed by your sweet words and so glad that I was able to help even just a little bit! I will tell you a secret I pour over other bigger bloggers and do the same thing. figure out what works best for them, and incorporate it somehow into my blog. It’s the best way to learn! Let me know if you ever need more help or advice about blogging stuff, you know I would love to help! <3

  3. Kristin Kraabel

    I want to switch mine and I am terrified! Alas I have no magic genious to help me, but since the husband is in ‘ganistan (as the little on calls it) and I get no presents I may just spend money on having someone else do it. At least I now it can be done 🙂

  4. Wow–so how are you liking the water so far??? It sounds like a huge undertaking! I am still on Blogger and hoping it continues to improve, but I see what others are able to do on WP–some of those blogs are just beautiful!

    • I love it. It’s so much more user friendly than yola and I love the layouts and stuff. I am using wordpress.com which has a lot less options than wordpress.org, but compared to where I came from, it’s such an improvement. And I feel like I actually have a professional looking site now!!!

    • I love it. Even the free version is doing more than I ever could have dreamed possible with yola! It’s perfect for what I want to do right now!!!

  5. Stephanie @ Mommy, for real.

    I truly cannot imagine how frustrating that must have been. I would have been out of my mind. Cheers to you- Happy New Year and Congratulations!!! 😀

  6. Amy

    Congrats on getting through the process! It can be so frustrating. Happy New Year and I hope the blogger burnout goes away fast. 😉

  7. Alyce

    Whew! I knew you were at it for a while, but I didn’t realise that it was such a long drawnout process!! Congrats on making it with some semblance of sanity remaining 😉

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