1. I just started working on my blog year in review last night and loved seeing how you have changed and grown in this past year. Mine is more of the actual happenings for the year, but seriously awesome how you used it as more of a reflection on how exactly you have grown. Thanks for sharing and very much enjoyed 🙂

  2. Oh how the year has stretched and pushed and pulled you. G-d kinda works like that, leastwise He has in my life. All in all, I’d say you’ve done well to take the opportunities and used them for growth experiences.
    Happy New Year to you.

  3. pictimilitude

    Love your reflections and your beautiful journey. Continue being the beautiful person that you are! Best wishes for a wonderfu 2013!

  4. I’m a different person after last year too. I think it’s neat how God seems to pick a theme and hound us with it until it is ingrained in us! He knows what areas we need to change in…areas that sometimes we aren’t even aware of. I’m so glad He loves us this way!!

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