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Learning to walk down steep stairs: “Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.”

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In between changing diapers, getting cars run all over my shoulders, pouring coffee, and managing a very hyperactive 5 year old this morning – I walked down stairs with the baby to throw in a load of laundry.

The steps that lead down to the basement in our house are pretty steep. Nearly everyone who comes over comments on them. When our in-laws were still living here, I admit I normally held the railing in a death grip because they are sort of a death trap.

I was terrified of falling. I was terrified of our kids falling.

But then we started living here, and each day walking up and down those steep stairs got easier and easier and easier.

I’ve walked up and down them hundreds of times. I’ve climbed them holding a laundry basket in each arm. While pregnant. I’ve walked laps up and down them while 40 weeks pregnant trying to walk that kiddo out.

I’ve never fallen. Stumbled, maybe a half dozen times, but never fallen.

I think that life is like that. We are called upon – over and over and over – to do hard things. To do scary things. To do things we are afraid will get us hurt.

Things like losing weight, mothering that newborn baby, taking care of a special needs child, loving a veteran, dealing with chronic illness, grieving the loss of a family member or friend, fighting cancer, trying to find a job after losing another.

I don’t know what your hard, scary thing is. But I know you have one. Probably several.

In looking for affirmations when I was pregnant with my second baby, I found one that said this:

“Beautiful girl: you can do hard things.”

I don’t know where it originated, but it has settled into my soul as an anthem whenever I’m overwhelmed by life.

Hard things are, well, hard. But just like those steep steps – they get easier. You are able to stop holding on so tightly. You are able to let go of a little bit of fear.

In time, you can learn to walk down steep stairs holding and infant and make it down safely.

Beautiful girl reading this post – whatever your steep steps are – you can climb them. You can do hard things.



you can do hard things

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