1. Oh Aprille, this made me smile and laugh! This pretty much sounds like our house – cracks me up! You are a good wife – Russ if you are reading this, your wife deserves lots of love and snuggling! LOL. Anyways… loved the post and loved what you said about being embarrassed and then comparing it to football, that is so true!

  2. Stacey J

    Nice to know I’m not the only one with a gamer hubby. Rob loves World of Warcraft andl I have learned over the years to not let it bother me as much; but it does help now that the girls are older. I prefere WoW because its cheaper then fishing, his other hobby. Well, its cheaper until he needs a new computer!

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  4. A. Skye

    I am so thrilled, relieved, ecstatic, to read this blog just now. I mean, honestly I wish I could have read it in February 2012 when I officially became the wife of a Gamer. This blog no doubt would have saved me hundreds of hours of misery and tears and I am absolutely certain it is going save our marriage at least twice this month alone. Lady, whom I never knew existed till now, I am so grateful to you and so is my husband even if he never learns why.
    My husband is a gamer. Company of Heroes on the PC is his passion, his hobby, his Mistress. Every single word you wrote was balm to my battered ego. I know other ladies who are married to men who game but if they are experiencing what you and I are, they are dealing with it in some secret fashion and have deemed me too weak or stupid to share it with:).
    My hobby is my garden. I am passionate about a few things. My husband is my number one. I am madly head over heels in love with him and my very favorite thing in the whole world is saying “yes” to him. Like you I am glad that his hobby does not include driving while drunk, skinning or cleaning of dead animals or professional sports. I am proud that his passion requires a good deal of skill and intelligence. I am thrilled that his buddies have their own computers, at their own houses and I never have to cook for them. Anyway, I must go but I will be back soon to kiss your feet.


    • Annabelle, this is one of the sweetest comments I have ever received. I am so glad to be able to meet you here in this space and offer you encouragement in your marriage to a gamer. I know it’s not always easy, but it sounds like you really love your husband and that’s amazing. Count your blessings and go hug his neck or something. 🙂

  5. Kelley

    As a gamer-wife married to a gamer-hubby, I wanted to drop a note about the importance of Release Day. A lot of games (MMOs, at least) will have special items or events that are only available in those first 24 hours that can mean a lot in the game, or are worth a whole lot in the in-game economy. If he makes a big deal about Release Day, let him have it. He should appreciate the gesture, and it won’t mean he’s valuing the game over family. You guys will always be there – those epic items that will exponentially increase the quality of his game time will not. That’s why it’s such a big deal. You giving him those first 24 hours is as much an act of love as him spending a full weekend with zero gaming and 100% family time.

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