1. Caleb’s mom does two trees every year – one for personalized ornaments and one just decorated one. It’s fun having personalized ornaments I think!

  2. Stephanie @ Mommy, for real.

    I LOVE decorating the tree, and I am sort of an ornament junkie myself. I love to commemorate events with special ornaments. I was crazed about it when each of my girls were born, because I can’t seem to find a Baby’s 1st Christmas one that was like the vintage ball I have from 1978. Sigh. They just don’t make them like that anymore! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Peppe

    I started a tradition like this when my 2nd child was 2. It started with buying nutcrackers on sale. That year I purchased 4 for son. He just lived them. I date them and each year have tried to add to his collection. For my oldest that was 12, I started collecting Santa ornaments and did some Santa ornaments to paint. Any thing that I purchased that was Santa was his. He is now married and asked for them. I still kept a few things, because they were young and have children and not care for them as I would like. My youngest is moving out soon and getting married, I suppose this may be my last year with the nutcrackers…lol

    But I am I’ll with a malignant blood cancer so I hope there are some memories there for them, at least for the younger one, he was 2 and had fun choosing them each year. My oldest was 12 and had terrible teen years, so he may not. But a mom can hope.

    Love your idea of the photos tho.

  4. My mom did the same thing with giving my sister and I an ornament each year. I’ve done the same with my kids and I am sure when they get their own trees, their ornaments will fill them up. I like to get ornaments from the places we travel, it is fun to remember those vacations when decorating our tree. I LOVE your family photo ornaments and wish I had done that also (my kids are 18 & 21). I guess I could start with our grandson!

  5. My family collects an ornament from every vacation destination, so we also get to re-visit our vacations every year as we decorate the tree. I have never seen picture ornaments, and those are so cute! I think you have inspired a new collection here. =) Merry, merry!

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