1. What a beautiful lesson in enjoying the day-to-day issues that arise! As you said, “just by showing up”, we create the moments we will always remember. I never thought I would miss getting up in the middle of the night and rocking my children back to sleep. I really do though now that they are grown. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. So glad I found you at Fellowship Fridays!

  2. letwhylead

    Oh I so, so agree. We DO make things complicated. I think if you’re connected with the blogging world, it can all feel even more daunting. But yes, the mundane. I imagine myself in the future, and I imagine that I won’t miss the nonstop vacuuming and the nonstop reminders to “put your shoes away.” But as hard as it can be to believe, I might just miss the mundane moments WITH my kids. The why-are-you-climing-onto-my-shoulders kinds of moments. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I know that being in the blogging world, I equate “intentional mothering” with preschool printables, bento boxes, chore charts, and getting 2 year olds to quote scripture.

      And I think that’s a lie that the devil likes to get me to believe. Because lately I feel like God is showing me that I can be just as intentional in the mundane. In the wiping noses and bottoms and running a back and make sure he sort of brushes his teeth and changing the crib sheets, again.

      It’s in those moments I feel love pouring out of me for my child like I never have before – and I hear God whispering behind me: “You matter, and this matters. This stuff is big. It’s important. It’s the stuff that good kids are made of.”

      And I’ve let the bento boxes and preschool printables go (not that I ever actually attempted bento, but still…)

  3. Beautiful post and great lesson for us all to learn. I’ve been letting go of things that aren’t important – like those piles of toys, and the laundry basket full of clean clothes – we can live out of it for the week. Otherwise we’re so hard on ourselves and life is complicated enough.

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