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What I learned in February 2015

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1. Apparently, pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome is a thing. I thing I have. It comes and goes but when it comes, it comes  – and I feel like I must have slept with clenched fists all night. (Maybe I am?) Sleeping on my back helps.

2. Speaking of sleeping on my back…seriously, retraining my body to sleep in any other position is pretty much impossible. I give up in the middle of the night, every night. Then try again the next night.

3. Have I mentioned how much I love SweetLeaf Stevia Sweet Drops? They make consuming All. The. Water. a lot easier. So far, my favorite flavor is grape. The cola was actually decent. However, it did nothing to take away my soda cravings.

4. Always lock up your belongings when you are at the YMCA. Even if you feel like it’s one of the safest places you go. Thieves abound. And when you’re iPhone gets stolen, you will be kicking yourself.

5. My favorite grocery store has online shopping with CURBSIDE PICKUP. Which means I can order my groceries online, pay with Paypal, then go pick them up without ever going into the store. This is saving me not only time and sanity, but also money. Shopping online has revealed that I have absolutely HORRIBLE shopping habits and no in-store self control against buying All. The. Things. I might actually be able to stick to my grocery budget for the first time in like…ever.

6. A blanket that I received in the mid-nineties as a Christmas gift from my grandparents apparently was so cool that they had it on the set of Friends. My blanket is a celebrity. I concur, because I still have the thing and use it daily (and so does my son).

7. A few weeks ago I thought I was making progress in my acceptance of snow days. I was very very very very very wrong. I have made no progress. Snow days need to die. Now.

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8. Nesting hits me very early (again). Also, putting together your baby’s room is great snow day therapy. I think it’s something about all the pastels.

9. Apparently, the whole world is color-blind. I find this fascinating. White and gold, people, white and gold. #thedress

Also, this is pretty much how it’s going down at our house too. Ezra’s on Daddy’s side. #housedivided #bestthedresstweetever

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  • Janna

    I have had carpal tunnel surgery and unfortnately in the last week or so I am having bad symptoms again. So, I feel your pain, literally. You can get braces at the drug store, walmart, etc. that will help a lot. Just look for a wrist support one. Sleep with them on and it will make a world of difference. You will even be able to sleep on your side again…

    • Aprille

      If it persists, I might end up doing that. Side sleeping has also been giving me headaches and stiff neck and shoulders (fun). The last few days the wrist and arm pain has been better, but last weekend it was horrible.

  • Stacey J

    I sleep with a wrist brace at night as am a side sleeper and if I lay on my right side for to long my whole right hand will go numb. It will help a lot.
    Also, my girls and I see The Dress as black and blue and but my husband sees White and Gold. He thinks we are all color blind!

  • TJ

    It is hard to retrain yourself to sleep on your back. I did that to help my jaw soreness. I still find myself resorting to sleeping on my stomach if I am really having trouble sleeping. Of course buying a pillow made for sleeping on your back helps.

    • Aprille

      It’s actually the opposite. I’m a back sleeper trying to train myself to sleep on my side because I’m pregnant! I have a great pregnancy pillow that’s supposed to help but I still wake up on my back.

  • ~Karrilee~

    First off – Congrats! #Swoon

    Secondly – maybe don’t read my post about all the spring like weather… #SorryNotSorry

    Thirdly – AMEN TO THE WHITE AND GOLD! Gah… of COURSE it is white and gold! (Only – in reality – turns out it is not but still…)

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