Our Christmas Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}

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Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

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I’ve started a tradition, rather inadvertently. Well, actually, now that I’ve gone back and done some picture hunting, I think I owe this one to my mother.

As children, we got a special ornament every year. Sometimes they would even match or coordinate. Like the year that I got Minnie Mouse, Kurt got Mickey Mouse, and Ben got Donald Duck.

This tradition continued until we moved out of the house. But sometimes my mom still gives me ornaments.

She got me this one, an ornament commemorating the first Christmas I spent with my husband (then fiancé):

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

(Yes, that was my very first Christmas tree–it was all we had room for in my 550 square foot apartment. And the lights died out about the first week of December. Lovely.)

Christmas 2009 rolled around. I was acting as the Newlywed Ministry Team Leader for Christian Military Wives, an online community. We were trying to get more interaction in the newlywed forum, so I decided to host a giveaway, the prize being a photo ornament from Personalization Mall. The previous year I had ordered some gifts through their website and was very impressed with their products. I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. But, as I was hosting the giveaway, I knew I wouldn’t be winning the prize. So I ordered myself one as well, just because I wanted one.

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

Thus, a tradition was born. I actually didn’t order any ornaments in 2010. I don’t know why. Maybe the whole I-just-had-a-baby-and-my-husband-is-deploying-four-days-after-Christmas thing had something to do with it. But the tradition wasn’t forgotten.

I made up for it in 2011, when I ordered THREE ornaments:

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

My favorite of the three was definitely the one that says “Almost Together.” The picture on the ornament was from our “homecoming” over RnR, three months prior. I was hoping and praying that maybe Russ would make it home in time for Christmas. Hoping and wishing.

He didn’t, but he made it home on New Years Dayalmost…almost:

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

This year, I just hadn’t gotten around to ordering any ornaments yet. I had been busy with blog archives and several other projects. A friend of mine sent me a Groupon for the website (which sat there unused for a week). But then there was that night when Ezra was painting at the table, and I turned to see that he had put red paint on his nose when my back was turned.

I am so glad I had put it off…there was my ornament. Right there…

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

But I couldn’t stop at just one. I think I may have an addiction.

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

Almost together needed a sequel. Together forever…

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

And of course we needed a nice traditional family photo ornament, just because…

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

So I think from now on, each year, we will order one family photo ornament and one ornament for each child. By the time our children are grown we are going to need a whole separate tree just for our photo ornaments.

Our #Christmas #Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}  #personalized #photoornament personalizationmall.com

I just sure hope that Personalization Mall never goes out of business!

16 thoughts on “Our Christmas Ornament Tradition {with Personalization Mall}

  1. Caleb’s mom does two trees every year – one for personalized ornaments and one just decorated one. It’s fun having personalized ornaments I think!

  2. I LOVE decorating the tree, and I am sort of an ornament junkie myself. I love to commemorate events with special ornaments. I was crazed about it when each of my girls were born, because I can’t seem to find a Baby’s 1st Christmas one that was like the vintage ball I have from 1978. Sigh. They just don’t make them like that anymore! Beautiful pictures!

  3. I started a tradition like this when my 2nd child was 2. It started with buying nutcrackers on sale. That year I purchased 4 for son. He just lived them. I date them and each year have tried to add to his collection. For my oldest that was 12, I started collecting Santa ornaments and did some Santa ornaments to paint. Any thing that I purchased that was Santa was his. He is now married and asked for them. I still kept a few things, because they were young and have children and not care for them as I would like. My youngest is moving out soon and getting married, I suppose this may be my last year with the nutcrackers…lol

    But I am I’ll with a malignant blood cancer so I hope there are some memories there for them, at least for the younger one, he was 2 and had fun choosing them each year. My oldest was 12 and had terrible teen years, so he may not. But a mom can hope.

    Love your idea of the photos tho.

  4. My mom did the same thing with giving my sister and I an ornament each year. I’ve done the same with my kids and I am sure when they get their own trees, their ornaments will fill them up. I like to get ornaments from the places we travel, it is fun to remember those vacations when decorating our tree. I LOVE your family photo ornaments and wish I had done that also (my kids are 18 & 21). I guess I could start with our grandson!

  5. My family collects an ornament from every vacation destination, so we also get to re-visit our vacations every year as we decorate the tree. I have never seen picture ornaments, and those are so cute! I think you have inspired a new collection here. =) Merry, merry!

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