1. pictimilitude

    For some reason, I find your words really comforting but for a completely different reason: I don’t have kids (at least for now) but I had a wonderful dog – who was like a son to me – get hit by a car over the weekend. I hope that we gave him the best life we could have. I’ve often wondered if I’d be a good mother. I’ve actually even put it off thinking I need to be more of an adult and have life-experience and more money and so many other reasons…but your post is so beautiful. 🙂

  2. Marie

    Beautifully written and I hope the Google Searcher reads this. This is and has been my take on motherhood. You won’t be perfect. Nobody is. What matters is the love you have for your child. You love and care enough to worry whether or not you will be good enough. That’s what makes a “good mother”.

  3. Deb

    It’s true… always the ones most worried are the ones who do the best… because the point is caring, isn’t it? Visiting from Honest Voices…

  4. Deja

    This post honestly made me cry, and I loved reading every word. I’m 18, and my boyfriend proposed to me after I miscarried our baby, it meant the world to me that he still loves me as much now after such after a loss, and that he’s willing to continue to love me as much. I’ve been judged for every aspect from age to background and I’ve almost accepted that maybe I can’t be a good mom, even though that is the one thing in this world that I want to be. This post gave me so much hope for the future, it’s so beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for writing it.

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