1. leeanngtaylor

    Sometimes in the moment it’s hard to hope but you’re right, there is always a way through the situation (hope wins)!

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting…I am a very positive person (usually),but have felt very discouraged for the last cpuple of days. I stopped for a minute and read this. It seems to be just what I needed to get back in the right frame of mind. If we focus on Christ and look for what He wants, then, and only then, will we be satisfied.

  3. Jane Allen

    This brought so much healing to me. I have hope of a better tomorrow. I have hope that everything is working out for my good. I have hope that God will turn my mess into a message. No, I’m not without hope. I have it and will continue to cling to it. No matter how rough things get. No matter how tough they become, Christ is my hope of glory and He never disappoints.

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