1. Sara

    I was feeling the exact same way the past few weeks. For me, it seems like my first step is stepping slowly back into church.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    • This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your precious heart and for your love song list. I have had thoughts of just being unworthy to have our great God of the universe love ‘me.. But he does, and worship songs help remind us, as does reading Bible verses and getting among trusted friends who experience God’s love

  2. Thank you for giving me the honor of sharing this post via my 31 Days post Love Writes Community. It is such a beautifully encouraging post, both in its vulnerable honesty and its testimony to God’s Love chasing after you and drawing you into His arms. Thank you for choosing to bless others through your story.

  3. Anonymous Girl

    I have never read your blog, and I never comment on anything. I love this post. Its hard to remember the creator loves you. Something that should be top priority just isn’t because of how the world is. Thanks for sharing this article. I’m pretty young and I need to hear that God loved me often because I get side tracked. The one song I always always go to when I dont feel loved or I feel totally completely alone is “loved” by fresh life worship its amazing and is absolutely one of the best ever. Best to you – love the anonymous girl

  4. This is beautifully written! I completely understand the not even knowing where to start or how to believe. You put into words what so many of us feel, but have no idea how to express. I’m so glad I found this post tonight–two years after you wrote it!

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