1. Kristin Kraabel

    Thank you, Thank you. With the end of deployment coming up and seeing the husband (in a few months) after 11 months apart these voices are louder than ever. The he will look at you and not like what he sees voices. He of course says I could be in a black garbage bag and he would be happy to see me, but stil I’ve struggled to silence the voices I am usually so good at rebuking. It’s like I’m first married all over again (wait…we only together 2 weeks before he left, guess it is still first married). Anyways, enough with my babbling. Thank-you. Writing this verse on my mirror tonight at home.

  2. […] 3. Get dressed. Now, I’m not talking jeans, boots, scarves, earrings, and red lipstick here. You won’t find me “dressing for success” on a day like today. In fact, I greatly dislike that concept and more often than not you can find me in pajamas. But, sometimes taking off the pjays and putting on a clean and comfortable can make you feel a little less sleepy. My choice for today was cotton stretch pants and a tshirt that reminds me of my beauty in Christ. […]

  3. […] prone I am to believe lies of the devil, especially in regard to my self-image, in my post about Silencing the Inner Voices. It also helped me realize how important it is for me to plan ahead when it comes to my day-to-day […]

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