1. Janna

    I am not a mom or a military wife (although I am a police wife and in some cases that is similar) I hear you and I always enjoy reading your posts. Anxiety disorder runs in my family – we all have it to varying degrees. Panic attacks can be terrifying, both for the person having them and those around them. Learning how to cope with them and and hopefully manage them is not an easy task, but it sounds like you are all doing all the right things. What works for me to manage them is not necessarily what would work for your husband so I wont offer advice, but know that many of us who read your blog know what you are going through and are sending you good thoughts and well wishes.

    • Thank you, Janna. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who truly understand. We had a really great holiday weekend as a family and I’m feeling like I have a better grip on positive perspective this week!

  2. Sheila Temple

    I am there with you and my hard is like your hard. I just got a book about Heaven yesterday and I am trying to change my perspective about what all is not happening and what I want to happen isn’t happening. I too have dropped out of alot of things—you are on the same white page! Try not to give up–i am trying not to give up! Call me if you need to—write to me if you need to I understand! Sheila Temple

    • Perspective – sometimes it’s that thing we need the most but sometimes seems most elusive. The farther we get along this past I think the easier it is to look back and see the good, which does help to offer perspective. But sometimes, in the moment, it’s so hard! Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  3. KathyR

    Congratulations on your baby to come!
    I have been following your blog. Can relate all too well, cause I am a grandmother of a special needs grand-daughter(Katie). I see some of your comments in my daughter’s actions. I often hear “things will get better”! Coming from my sister in law of 3 healthy grandkids. I have broken faith too! Haven’t been to church since my dear Katie was born. I pray to God we will be healed!

  4. Amanda H

    If all you’re doing is a Netflix binge now and again, go for it. And thank you for being so candid about your budget. I work full-time, have a 5 month old, and a husband who works out of town every weekend; I have definitely not been as sharp with the budget in the past few months and even overdrew last month. Nothing makes you feel like a bigger failure! I mean, mom brain is real.

    • Ain’t that the truth? I just can’t seem to wrap my head around keeping the spending in check and keep on top of it. Also, I lost a bill I need to pay and I can’t pay it without the bill code! Seriously!!!

  5. Melanie Frink

    Thank you! I have so many similarities with your story. It means a lot to read about you and your family…

  6. M

    Oh my goodness! I’m not military but a single mom whose battled ptsd for years then an abusive husband who also has a special needs child additionally with adhd and ptsd. Oh the hours of therapy, homeschool, self and family harm! This is going to sound crazy but I needed to know someone else was living off of chicken nuggets also!! Thank you!!!

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