1. holly

    Yes, this is so true! God has been there through every up and down in my life. I usually don’t “feel” him, but I know his grace is carrying me even when my family thinks I am making a terrible decision by leaving their church.

  2. Erin

    I’ve just started reading through your blog and it’s resonating with me. I look forward to reading the rest. Thank you for your words! -Erin

  3. Ryan

    Hi Aprille, as someone who’s in there early twenties and left a fundamental baptist church last year, your posts are very helpful for me. Still in process of being healed from the times someone at the church would try to tell me that there personal convictions about things like contemporary Christian music as being wrong and not glorifying to God and that drinking beer at a bar being sinful and having to argue about that really stressed me out and is really why I won’t go back there, it’s one thing to agree and disagree, it’s another thing when almost every conversation you have ends up turning into a debate, I also had to pretend to agree with some of their doctrinal positions in terms of the Arminian/reformed Calvinist debate, they were very anti reformed Calvinist to the point where they would question there salvations and me being a reformed Calvinist didn’t really sit well with me and I found myself pretending to agree with them in order to fit in. Anyways that just some of my story and i ask you pray for me to journey through the desert that it seems many who left the IFB also deal with, and again I thank you for sharing your expierience

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