1. I started cutting back on my involvement when I was in my third trimester, and yes, I did feel guilty (I would have previously been on a roster almost every service). After she was born, it was probably 2 months before I went back into helping in the Children’s program, and another month or two before I went back to the other roster. But I do that one much less now. And I’m actually ok with it, and don’t feel guilty. But I think that’s only because it was a huge shock/event that led to it.

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  3. Yana

    I really enjoyed this post, it’s so true about not judging people who seem to be lazy. We often don’t know the reason why people don’t serve. Thanks for such a great series of posts, I’ve really been enjoying them and its made me think about why I do certain things, if its for other people or for The Lord.

  4. To me, there’s two sides to this. It shows firstly that we shouldn’t judge others on the basis of participation/non-participation because we really don’t know where they’re coming from. But also there is something really special about ministering from a place of weakness…..some of the best worship I have led was after my wife was diagnosed with cancer and of course I was thoroughly gutted. In those circumstances, God is everything and it shows through!

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