1. I love that you write what’s raw and real. In fact it’s what drew me to your blog! Know that for every critic there is a soul seeking your words. Someone hoping a fellow mother and wife and sister in Christ faces the same fears, the same troubles, the same doubts, the same joys.You provide kindred spirits with needed peace. Keep it real, Aprille! You’re doing great!

  2. Heather McCool

    Im in the critics portion of that book right now! I havent gotten hatemail for my blog (yet) but ive gotten a bit about my life choices. It is really hard, but it helps when we believe in what we are doing, and Who we are following here.
    And i am my own criitic when it comes to writing, especially lately. Ive wondered why i do it a few times now too. 🙂

  3. Oh, Aprille, how I hear your heart and know both the call and pain of vulnerability. I love the conclusions you’re already drawing here — that whether or not the criticism is “true,” the process and accompanying feelings are an invitation to come nearer to God — the one who never misunderstands us. Bless you in this journey as you keep keepin’ on, sister.

  4. Lacey Michael

    I think transparency and honestly are very important when connecting with people. I’m encouraged by your courage!

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