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  1. Tina

    What a great post. This brought me to tears! Very encouraging, comforting, & uplifting. I have 2 with one on the way- about 2 more weeks left, so then I will have 3. And my oldest IS 3! I have so many aspirations for my family & myself & sometimes it seems so hard to get there when life happens on. a. daily. basis. The waking several times a night, the never ending catching up on housework, the wanting to get in shape but trying to find the time & energy to do it. I can relate to all of what you said- the frustration, & feeling so guilty for yelling, TV, quick & easy dinners when all you want to do is everything the opposite. And then thinking “Well maybe I just try HARDER!” And the cycle begins again. What a beautiful perspective though that you share of what it means to be a good mother after all. Thank you!

    • Tina, I believe you wrote this in those final days of pregnancy…at which point I say EMBRACE those easy dinners and extra TV. Have you had your baby yet?

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this. I needed this, I’m crying and exhausted but reading this post has made me feeling better. God bless you and all the momma out there just trying to do their best.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I’m a mother of a two year old and tonight was kind of rough and had me feeling bad. It’s so good to read these assurances. God bless you and your family!

  4. Jena Evans

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m pregnant with my second and my son is two and a half. I’m always tired, feel like I’m just being lazy. The house is a mess constantly my partner doesn’t help me at all, his parents never held him accountable for chores etc. My pediatrician keeps saying only one hour of TV and it seems he’s watching it all day and I hate that. I’m still crying from this article. A lot. My son is dropping this mornings French toast on the floor. It’s hard. It’s so much harder than it sounds or even seems to my partner or even sometimes my mom. I’m so terrified of having two children with a man that I love but sucks as a partner.

    Thank you for writing this. My son just noticed I was crying and is now snuggling on me telling me he’s my friend. My heart goes out to all of us.

    • Jena, I am so glad that this post was encouraging to you. Have you and your partner ever spoken to a counselor? We have had to talk about tough things like this (boundaries, sharing roles and chores) in counseling. Sometimes having an objective 3rd party to help you through things like this can really help. (And it doesn’t mean you have a bad relationship!)

      • Jena Evans

        Thank you, and we have talked about it. Unfortunately it turns out that I have to try and set everything up or else he won’t pursue it. I already tend to feel that I’m responsible for more than my share in the relationship and having to schedule that as well just makes me feel defeated. I know I should just do it and hope things get better but I’m so stubborn and tired :/

        • I think that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s a stage, and you need to set aside working on your relationship seriously and just deal with survival. Other times, you have to just buck up and make it happen. No one can tell you what that point is going to be (definitely not me! especially because I don’t know you!) but I hope you’ll tuck my words of advice away for the future.

          If you are interested, I’ve also started a Facebook support group for young moms. Perhaps you can find some encouragement there: Facebook.com/groups/millennialmomsunite

    • Isra

      Oh yes, I completely understand that one. When overall your husband is a good man, but not pro active with the childs care. Or they simply don’t understand the importance of it. You cringe the thought of going through it all again since they are not as involved already.

  5. Denise

    Thank you so much. I needed this more than you know. God is definitely using you to speak to all of us who feel weary, discouraged, guilty and exhausted. Bless you.

    • Denise, thank you so much for commenting. I hope you have a blessed day of mothering, in spite of exhaustion! Please feel free to check out more encouragement for tired moms on Facebook (facebook.com/beautyinhistime)

  6. Sarah

    Thank you for this reminder. I’m so bone tired of looking after two demanding toddlers on my own all day every day. I know they are a blessing, but it’s so relentlessly demanding and lonely I feel like I’m going mad. I don’t feel like I even have time for God some days…then I feel like an ungrateful whiner and so the cycle continues…One day we will look back and see how far we have come and how all of the struggling makes sense. Thanks again.

  7. Rea Ann Umandap

    What an amazing post. I have been so exhausted because I am pregnant again with a one year old. Working full time. I’m so sad that I can’t even see my daughter before she goes to bed as I get off late from work. And that I’m soo tired to even play with her in the only time with have together in the mornigstar as I am so exhausted because she still wakes up in the night to nurse. I feel like I’m not a good mother. But this made me feel a little better. Than you

    • When is your new baby due? Hang in there. It does get easier, eventually! Maybe when you have time in the mornings to spend together you can watch TV together or read books. That way you are still in a restful state but also spending time with her.

  8. Crystina

    Absolutely love this post and happy I came upon it today. The part that you wrote “good” mothers are the ones that worry about being good mothers hit me hard and let out a good, much needed, crying session. I’m always feeling guilty that my kids watch to much tv or I put them down for nap a little earlier when I know they may not be tired yet. I know I’m an amazing mother but always feel I can do better! The guilt of not playing dinosaurs long enough or taking more time to teach my 2 yr old her colors. This post was comforting!!

    Thank you.

    • Oh I’m so glad that you found this post helpful. I think many times, moms just need a chance to have a good cry and know that everything is gonna be okay, whether they play dinosaurs for the millionth time or not.

  9. Faith

    Thank you. Thank you so damn much for this. I’m in tears. My baby is two weeks old. I’m a first time mom and can’t tell if her constant need to eat or cry is from actually being hungry for the billionth time or from gas pains or from just being a baby or all the above. I’m trying to keep breastfeeding, but I’ve been selfishly tempted to give up and change to formula to make it easier, my body is still so sore from labor that my back hurts to hold her, I don’t remember what it’s like to actually sleep, and I’m to the point of already wanting a break from my child, but at the same time wanting her with me. I had just finished having a break down to my husband about how awful a mother I’m turning out to be when I stumbled across this. I thought surely I was turning out to be one of those awful moms you read about until I read your post. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone, that this is normal, and reminding me that this will pass. Thank you for telling me I’m not so awful after all. Thank you.

  10. Leah

    My name is Leah. I have 5 children 11-2 in age.
    I homeschool so that adds a lot more exhaustion.
    Somedays I literally feel there’s nothing left for me to give. I believe I’m in Gods will but it’s so hard.
    Thank you for this encouraging word.

  11. sandra

    THANKYOU!!!!!! I really needed to read this today. I love you for writing this, you are a genius. (Too tired to write any more but you get how grateful I am)

  12. Ines

    Thank you. Rough night, yelled at my baby this morning before leaving her at kindergarten…. Feeling pretty crappy right now, but your post somehow helped a little bit, so thanks!

  13. Dora Canales

    Wow this post seriously brought me into tears, I’ve never heard someone be so real and I can almost relate to everything you said. My baby throws tantrums almost all day I sometimes want to scream and cry and she’s only 12 months and there’s times I feel like giving up but obviously I can’t. It’s not an easy job especially if your mother in law even mother tells you what to do all the time. I’m 21 pretty much doing everything on my own and well your article did give me more hope. Thank you so much! This whole time I thought I was a horrible mother especially on the tv part because sometimes I can’t even find anything to do with her.

    • Dora, at 21, you’re still trying to figure out your own life, let alone how to be a good mom. I had my first baby at 23 and those first few years were so incredibly hard. I turned 30 this year and I am so different now – so much more confident in my mothering abilities. Still exhausted most of the time (lol but I think that’s just mom life)! Don’t give up! It does get a little easier the older you get and the more experience you have.


    Thank you sooooo much for this post! As a single mom by choice, I often struggle with guilt and shame that I am exhausted (worrying too much about those haters that say “well, you wanted to adopt a child on your own). But reminders like this keep me grounded in the reality that we are all in this together, temper tantrums and all.

  15. Can i say, i love you for saying this!!! Yes, im super exhausted to be a good mom. But i love my kids to pieces. Yes, they drive me insane but i just love them so much that i can eat them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Chuchu

    Thank you so much for this post. I feel terribly tired this past few days coz my 17 month old is having fever, he is also teething and looks like he is going to have a cold. He wakes up several times at night and stays up for about 2-3 hours just to breastfeed. I feel hopeless, and doesn’t know who to speak to. But this post made me feel good, I was crying while I was reading this. But I felt better afterwards. Thank you so much for your help. Just to know that I am not alone in this situations makes me understand more the process of raising kids… again, thank you so much!

    • Kelly

      I feel the same I have a 2 yo and a 15 Mon old and I’m 12 weeks pregnant again my partner makes me feel guilty for all those things I wish he only knew and understood how difficult it all really is. I’m reading this playing with my youngest while my oldest sleeps and crying. Thank you for making me feel like I’m doing a good job

  17. Claire Carroll

    Thanks you for this really needed it today 5 month old twins still not sleeping nights and I didn’t sleep for 2 months before I had them as I was so uncomfortable plus a toddler who is also getting up at night and awake early in morning and just so much energy feeling very very tired but this has helped so much

  18. Hayley

    Thank you so so so much . I am exhausted, this made me cry ! As I look at my 8 week old baby boy, I see too despite everything I am a good mother xx

  19. Ugh, I’m crying now. I’ve been going through this since my daughter was born 7 months ago at 32 weeks when my son was 16 months. He’s turning 2 in less than a month and now that it’s warmer out, I’m forcing myself out of the house for his sake. I’m so tired, I always always always nap when my kids nap. Right now, my kids are sleeping, yet I’m posting here. My kids are generally decent sleepers, but I’m still tired. Anytime they’re both asleep, guess what I’m doing? I feel awful when I send my son to bed early, not for his sake but for mine. I wish I had some adderall so I had damn energy again. My housework only gets done at midnight or later, if at all. I beg my infant daughter to go back to sleep knowing she’s up and ready. She always seems to stir when my head hits the pillow and the sensation fills me with dread. I simply can’t get through the day without these naps that no other mother (of toddlers) I know needs. I wonder if my son’s speech issues and late milestones are due to excess tv (probably). Baby Einstein was my go to till my husband put his foot down. My son has an obsession with spinning wheels which stems from boredom. I feel like my kids deserve a better mother most days. Other days, we go to the park, run errands, but those days leave me energetically wrecked. I have a hidden stash of red bull (which doesn’t help, don’t know why I bother with energy drinks anymore). My husband has accepted this fatigue of mine, but not without a fight. I don’t blame him. There’s not much left for him. I’ve made a considerable effort recently which raises his expectations. He’s great though. He works so I can be a sahm. I’m blessed to have a loving husband and two wonderfully unique kids.

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