1. amyctilson

    All kinds of crazy amens over this, girl. We have such a similar take on things. I have a feeling we are soul sisters that haven’t met yet. <—- that. On Sunday morning I couldn't believe it hadn't happened. 🙁 So glad you were there, though, and got to soak it all in. Another time, and definitely on Thursdays.

    • Amy I did see you a few times but I didn’t know you even knew who I was so I didn’t bother trying to catch you! I was sitting on the couch right by the mic during the (in)couragers meetup so feel free to cyber-kick me now for not saying hi!

  2. You have put my thoughts into words, Aprille. When I got home and was exclaiming over meeting Logan, Lisa-Jo, etc, I explained it was not about the celebrity aspect at all.
    So, hugs and kisses, sister. So nice to meet you at Allume, and so nice we had a chance to talk!

  3. OH Aprille, you humble me. And you’re making me sort of awkwardly choked up here in Starbucks. I will always remember you because I’m going to keep drawing on your list of generously submitted FMF words and because the women in that community, I’m in awe of them and how they love on each other and open doors and break down stereotypes and model community like so much Jesus that it’s hard to swallow sometimes, you know?

    I totally feel like the mama who was honored to birth this community and now just proudly watches in amazement and the great and lovely things they’ve gone on to do. Us with the sweat pants and crazy hair late nights, just taking five minutes to connect and remember that God made us all artists and that when we write, we’re the ones who read and learn the most.

    so many warm wishes – and so thrilled that your word happened to have already been stamped into an (in)courage necklace. Such sweet serendipity.

    Your messy soul sister,

  4. Aprille, I too am with you, my friend. All the famous people I got to meet there. And hang with. And I didn’t want pictures necessarily (well, ok, I should have taken pictures!) because I didn’t want to be all crazy star struck. But I left that place — I believe it was sacred ground those four days — knowing God is up to something big, and we all get to be part of it in whatever way He gave us to participate. So we’re teammates lighting the world with Jesus. And I love being partners with you and with all those 452 women. Thanks for the words that showed me your heart. Lovely.

  5. What a lovely glimpse into Allume. Thank you for sharing your heart with such grace and honesty. May the effects of the conference continue to have lasting ripple effects in this pond of grace and beauty.

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