1. ambercadenas

    Oh Aprille. I just want to say thank you for your brave honesty, for being real about your marriage. I, too, wrote about my husband for this prompt today, but not in the way I usually think of (or hear in other’s stories of marriage) when I think of “belonging” and love. Ours has not been an easy road of only 2 + years, and I dare say, I haven’t found many others who can relate to the depth of which this is so. And so I find comfort and hope and encouragement in your words, in your story, in your commitment to love even when you ‘hate’. It is a beautiful thing to behold what God can do in the midst of this kind of journey.

    • Amber…I am going to endeavor to find your post because I would love to read it. Thank you for a sweet comment and I’m so glad that my words were comforting and encouraging today. If this post at all resonated with you, I hope you will come back and spend some time here. I write a lot about marriage, especially the hard parts, the not so pretty parts, the less-than-amazing parts. http://beautifulinhistime.com/category/family/marriage/

  2. You’ve done a wonderful job of describing marriage–it takes work–lots of it. Even after 25 years, my husband and I still work to communicate better, to face challenges together as a team, and to cheer each other on. We’re slow learners some times, but it’s so worth it. I wouldn’t want to belong to anyone else.

  3. kathrynann24

    Love this. I’m pretty sure I could have written this and signed my name to it. It’s so similar.

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