1. mrsabbott

    You know, I’ve never thought about perfectionism being a bad thing before. I’m not a perfectionist. I’ve always thought that was a negative about me. I didn’t make the best grades or try as hard as I should or pushed myself to do better. I’m not very competitive about anything. I do judge myself harshly, mainly about the fact that I’m NOT a perfectionist. It was very eye opening for me to see another perspective.

  2. I’ve also struggled with perfectionism but at the same time had a big problem with procrastination, a bad temper, and recurrent stress headaches and stomach aches. I realized they all came from the same place – a violent and legalistic upbringing that left no room for error yet ended up filled to the brim with it. I have achieved a lot according to standard metrics like education, but finally realized that the saying “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” was something I needed to take to heart. As my life got fuller, I was driving myself bananas trying to have way too much stuff “just right.” When I tried to stop picking so many holes in my own work, ways of thinking, and accomplishments, at first it felt like laziness and then failure, but I realized it was very different than that. It was healing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Anna

    Aprille, I just found your blog and have only read a few entries … But love it already and feel the way you write and the things you say are so honest and relatable. I was just excited to read someone with some similar perspectives and life stories… THEN I read this post and was blown away by your transparency and and ability to cut right to the core of perfectionism, a struggle that is ongoing in my life in many many similar ways. I am thankful for the things that God has put in my life to encourage me in this (my laid-back yet intense husband, his struggle with post-war PTSD, our marriage in general, 3 kids, one with Down syndrome) and thankful to feel rapport with someone with similar struggles…only who writes about them much better than I could:). Thank you for posting; looking forward to reading more of what beauty He brings out of your ‘mess’ that I might be encouraged in mine!!

    • Anna, so sorry for taking so long to reply – I wanted to give your comments some extra attention because they were so lengthly and because they meant a lot to me. I am so glad to have gained a new follower that can relate to so many parts of my story. This is why I write – it hopes of encouraging others in the mess! It does sound like we have a lot in common! I hope to be chatting with you more in the future!

  4. […] As I am a perfectionist by nature, working hard, and then harder, was my default, and always had been. All of the hurt and anger I was feeling got transformed into determination as I threw myself into doing my best at this new school where musical excellence was the standard. […]

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