1. Stacy

    I loved this post, and it absolutely hit close to home! Thank you for sharing your facebook posts with me, as its something I’m currently struggling with, its nice to see someone else who felt the same way in their walk with God!

    • You are definitely not alone!!!! I still struggle with it daily…am constantly turning down friend requests, unliking pages. Sometimes I get carried away but then I realize I’m doing it again and pull back. It’s hard.

  2. I could have written this…:) I do the same thing, get overwhelmed, and delete and unfriend, etc. and then feel guilty. But the other pat of me feels frustrated that people judge how much you like them by whether you are friends on FB and if you unfriend them, well you must hate them and want nothing more to do with them, right?:) For me this is so NOT true. I genuinely like many people but just don’t want them on my FB but it’s always so complicated.:)

    • Did you read the followup post?

      It is complicated, but honestly I just don’t feel guilty. If I run into someone I have unfriended, I simply tell them that I have to guard my time online very very carefully–it’s nothing personal, but I simply don’t have the time to be friends with everyone I’ve ever known in this busy stage of motherhood.

      This is also the reason that I created a facebook page for my blog…so people who want to keep up with my life can still do so, without us being connected on on a daily basis.

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