1. Rosalie

    Aprille that was a beautiful story. I don’t always get a chance to read your posts but I have truly loved each one I have. I wish you the best in the civilian world!

  2. Alyce

    What a beautiful post! I occasionally think of the “What if”s, and realise that ultimately, I wouldn’t change anything. God directed us along this path, for better or worse.

  3. I was like that when my partner was deployed. 20 years old. Told all my teachers so they allowed me consideration to take time off to support him before deployment. Quite my job because of anxiety attacks. Then he cheated on another woman, and I wonder what if he’d never went. But then again he probably would’ve cheated anyway. But it disgusts me that it happened in Afghanistan. And he told me that he was a hero. And probably still thinks he is one. He only went over for the money. He had no idea about what countries were around Afghanistan, no idea about what it was about, just an idea of how much $ he would earn every day. It makes me sick today thinking that this person is ‘defending’ our country. I’m glad that your husband was faithful. I always thought that mine would’ve been, and I nearly cut off all my own legs at home to support him here, involving friends, teachers, family…everyone. But him in the end.

  4. Desiree

    Made me cry. Thank you for sharing. Hard to remember the good when there can be so much bad in the world…

  5. connie

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you for sharing! I feel the exact same way, but you express it in such a beautiful way. 🙂

  6. Beautiful and heartbreaking. There have been many trials I wished I hadn’t had to walk through, but when I look at all the things I learned through them and how they changed me as a person; I’m glad I went through them. Thanks for being brave and sharing your story.

  7. Morgan

    I love this post! I met my husband just after he had served his first 4 years and reenlisted for another 6. As we reach the end of those 6 years I find myself SCREAMING inside to GET OUT!!! I have moments of weakness where I have broken down and told him those are my wishes. As soon as the words come out I immediately regret them because I am SO proud of him and I do and will support him in everything he decides to do in fighting for our country, that does not make it easy though. Thank you for your words. This is something I needed to hear today <3

    • Morgan, I don’t know that those are “moments of weakness” – military life is HARD and there is no shame in that. And it’s okay to tell your husband these things too. Honesty is KEY in a marriage that lasts. You can still be proud of him and honest at the same time.

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