At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom

I’ve had this series of posts sitting in my queue since January. And very recently I have almost scratched it completely.


1) I’m trying to spend less time blogging, not more

2) We sent our son to preschool and are sending him back in the fall, which even though it’s been a great thing for him and me, is never what I in my idealism wanted

3) I don’t want to guilt anyone who is just letting their kids play until kindergarten and not worrying about education or home education for their 2, 3, or 4 year old. Because we need to let our kids be little and sometimes preschool moms really lose sight of that. (*points finger at herself*)


It’s only the third week of summer and I have SO enjoyed letting Ezra just be a kid and play…and play really hard. We aren’t doing a lot of preschool, and I’m totally okay with that. I used to pour a lot of mental and physical energy into preschool activities, but now I’m just searching for whitespace and improving my skills in the art of underachieving. And I’m just very at peace in this place.

But, as of right now, there’s nothing else in my queue, my head, or my heart to write about; and I feel like this is a topic my readers can benefit from because I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions, so I guess this is what I’m going to do.

At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom

I’m going to use this post as a landing page (which you can access at any time from my sidebar). I hope to space the posts out over the course of the summer, especially to help preschool moms gear up for the fall if they want to homeschool their preschoolers. And I’m going to be covering the following topics:

All about preschool “tot-packs” (and the good and the bad of using them)

Our favorite educational books for preschoolers

The best educational DVDs and Netflix shows for preschoolers!

Preschool…on YouTube? Oh Yes!

Our favorite preschool apps

Affordable store-bought preschool resources

Teaching preschoolers about God

Beyond the ABCs and 123s {in which preschool resources aren’t enough}

This series is for the underachieving moms. This isn’t about being supermom. It does not involve crazy curriculums, hours of lesson plans, or even logging into Pinterest. This stuff is going to be easy. I promise.

If this is a topic that interests you, would you mind letting me know in the comments? And I welcome you to subscribe by email or follow me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any posts!

15 thoughts on “At-home preschool resources for the very tired, non-creative, really busy mom

  1. This is an interesting topic. I am actually planning to send my kids to school starting with K-5. I never saw the benefit of preschool. I am even planning to use the public school system: 1. because private school isn’t available everywhere 2. because private school is expensive 3. because I have not the patience to teach young children. I’ve gotten a lot of flack for these opinions too. One lady even told me that I was setting my kids up for failure by sending them to public school and handed me book after book on the subject (which I never even read because I hate fear mongering). I attended public school. I don’t think I’m a failure. Looking forward to the youtube links and Netflix links!

    • Education is definitely a very emotionally charged topic – one I’ve had strong opinions on in the past, but motherhood has really changed me. Right now I believe that each child is going to have their own educational needs and you just have to find out what works for that child at that given year. It sounds like you are doing what works for you kids and that’s commendable in my book. :)

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  12. This is such a great idea!! I have my kids going in to KinderPrep, but during the summer and even during school I like to have things for them to do at home. Thank you for assembling this list!

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