1. Anonymous

    Wow, that was beautiful and encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing. God has truly given you a gift in your ability to communicate. Through your writing, you are already “coming forth being arrayed in the glory of Christ.” God bless you sweet Sister!

  2. […] Introduction: some self-observations about legalism Part 1: what is “legalism”? Part 2: standing under the broken heart Part 3: hiding in shame, packing up my dreams Part 4: when you “trust and obey” but your heart still gets broken Part 5: when you’ve been hurt by legalism, hold onto faith Part 6: What do Brad Pitt, Josh Groban, and Sleepless in Seattle have in common? Part 7: perfection is not possible Part 8: finding healing and freedom in secular music Part 9: “I will keep believing that God still has a plan” Part 10: Plan A, 2.0 Part 11: Modesty: a picture of grace Part 12: Disconnect: when God just doesn’t seem relevant Part 13: Roses in the dumpster: seeing God in everyday life Part 14: Cheating on my church Part 15: Can you hear Jesus calling? Part 16: Checklists, control, and motherhood Part 17: forget where you “should be” and “give God your ugly” Part 18: When your church isn’t meeting your needs Part 19: on being “in your place” in church Part 20: when your spiritual journey doesn’t look like his Part 21: “Well…it feels comfortable…” Part 22: There are no “entry level positions” with God Part 23: “Sitting on the premises” – sometimes, it’s okay not to serve Part 24: The real me Part 25: “You are God, You are God, Of all else I’m letting go […]

  3. Hisdaughter

    Just wanted to let you know that i have been browsing through your series of posts on legalism after a google search. God has ministered to my heart so powerfully through your writings. My husband just recently decided to leave our church because he felt bound to mans approval and i hesitantly followed. I have struggled against legalism my entire walk with Christ but when i began to feel as though God had abbandoned me because we left our local church i knew this was a serious sin God wanted to deliver and heal me from. He is constantly telling me to rest in Him but im undesrtanding what that really means day by day.

    • Leaving behind legalism is SO SO hard. Heartbreaking. Guilt-inducing. I get it. I really do. Thanks for reading and I do hope that you read the entire series because I talk about what it was like for me to leave behind our legalistic churches – and how it affected our marriage! Thanks so much for commenting too!

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