1. YES. I will pray for y’all. May this be a season of rest and refreshing for you guys. Your needs are not too big for Him. May all 3 of you be captivated this year by His commitment to meeting you right where you’re at. And may you find yourself supernaturally resourced by Him in this season, Aprille. May you know Him as more than enough. He loves you so much. xoxoxo

  2. ly

    I just noticed your blog. I really like it. I am a busy mother of three children who are now 18 – 23. I now work two jobs and am belong to a Church that has many meetings every week…. I just think that taking care of yourself so you can take care of others is very important. It is a marathon not a race, and over time we build relationships with our children. I dressed my daughter so perfectly when she was young, and my husband demanded that I never give him frozen vegetables. (Among so many other demands!!) I worked that second job and saved to make a down payment on our California home, then saved all the money to remodel and repair it. But now with two in college, I am tired. I needed the extra twenty minutes before I went to work to muse over Matt Chapter five and pray quietly. My suitcases from my business trip are still haunting me for the last two weeks and need to be unpacked. The company that my daughter is bringing home this week end will have to be OK with some of the mess or I will hand her a vacuum. It is my life and I can’t get that time back when I was stronger and ran around the house and did everything. Anyway just a note to say thank you for sharing.

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