1. I love #3 – viewing housework as a creative process. I have struggled with housework so much lately, getting lost in the drudgery and, in turn, allowing my house to look like a chaotic mess, which makes my brain hurt. So I’m going to try to focus on shifting my motivation this week, too!

  2. #3 is great.
    I hear you on the Facebook front. My problem wasn’t the NewsFeed itself, it was the *links* that people posted, which led me down clicky rabbit trails. I created a new newsfeed list of my closest friends and make that the link my toolbar bookmark button go to. I found all the people that were most prone to posting links and either removed them from my feed or checked “Only Life Events” from the selection (That’s changed recently, I think). I removed the FB app from my phone, too. I still check my FB pretty often, but usually end up turning it off after a couple minutes because I’m bored. IT’S AMAZING.

    I don’t do Blogfeeds. I have shortcuts to my favorite regular updaters and check their sites periodically. If I follow them on Facebook, I don’t click on all of their links. I don’t read every post by every blogger, either.
    Making the switch from consumer (having a fire-hydrant-like blast of information coming my way, all the time) to seeker (actively choosing what I am going to spend my time doing) has helped my will power and increased my time.

    The biggest obstacle for me was Pinterest. I forced myself to follow no more than 3 boards per Pinner, unfollowing several Pinners completely and reducing most to one board.

    • Ahh…seeker VS consumer. Wow. That’s some good stuff. I’m going to have to think about that. Thankfully, Pinterest doesn’t tempt me. I rarely actually go on to scroll through my feed – maybe once or twice a month, and only for like 10 minutes. It’s Facebook and the blogs that suck me in.

      I don’t think you can select “only life events” on Facebook anymore. I think you have to say most updates, some updates, or only important updates. Not quite as selective IMO – I’ll have to check that out again.

      • I don’t know if you can even do the “most updates” selections anymore. I tried to do it on a couple, and there weren’t the choices. Just “get notifications” or not and “Following” or not.

        Er… what’s the difference between following and getting notifications? No idea.

        I think Pinterest tempts me so much because 1) I love magazines, and it’s like a huge magazine. 2) I collect things. 3) I’m an introvert, so I don’t crave the pseudosocialization of more social media like Facebook. I can share interests with strangers, which interests me more than small talk with people I actually know. Sounds awful, but it’s true!

        • No it makes sense. I’m more of an ambivert and prefer relationships to things…never cared for magazines, but love a good book with a good story. If that makes sense!

        • Yes it does look like they changed it again – I think if you choose to “get notifications” – it will actually give you a red notification in your notifications anytime they post anything.

          And yes you can no longer sort by all, some, and only important updates. Daggone.

        • I so appreciate this discussion! So, I just got on FB to check out the new(est) settings – then organized my entire friends list into lists. “close friends” – “acquaintances” – and “if I have time.” There’s only like 38 people on my close friends list, but they are the people who I really want to see every single post of – so now I won’t feel so badly about going through that entire list every day.

          My bloglovin feed is organized the same way which helps, because I can quickly read the blogs that I don’t want to miss a post from.

  3. These are all really good! My fave is the cleaning one. I hate housework too. I kinda decided to limit everything in my life awhile back, mainly avoiding things that disturb my peace. I hardly read blogs anymore. And usually when I get on FB I don’t read 90% of whats on there. Any kind of drama and such that I can take out of my life makes me better. The more I focus on what really matters and filter out the things that don’t, I am happier, more relaxed, and feel secure with where God has me. Boundaries are so freeing, ironically. 🙂

  4. I took a hiatus from all social media for 10 days to work on the final edits of my book (due out in a few weeks!) and it was THE BEST 10 DAYS EVER! Good for you. I’ve let go of the guilt of not reading every post in my feed and focus on what I want to read instead. Good for you for simplifying life!

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