1. tonycutty

    Wow. Gritty and honest – that’s what I love about your posts, Aprille. To encourage you, my oldest son was hard work; he started with the Terrble Two’s and didn’t recover until he was in his twenties. But he’s a genius, he’s a gifted aeroplane pilot, and he’s a loyal, faithful son. Your Ezra may be hard work but I bet there’s a lot of gifting in there too. And you love him; that is obvious from what you write. Keep it up, Aprille – does anyone ever tell you you’re doin’ great? Because someone should. You are doing great, and you and Russ are the best parents your kids could wish for. Be encouraged.

    • Tony, seeing your name pop up in my comments just made my day. Your support in this genre of my writing means the world. And thank you so much for sharing about your son. Ezra is incredibly gifted, in spite of the challenges. I keep wondering when it will get easier, if ever. But I try to visualize him as a brilliant successful adult – the kind of man I KNOW he can grow up to be if we don’t lose hope. Thanks again for your kind words, and for following along in this new series.

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