1. And don’t forget TheRecoveringLegalist.com 🙂

    You offered a lot of good insight and advice in this post (more like an article), and from a slightly different perspective. Actually, I appreciate how you offered various resources to help with the transition – I don’t do that very often. What breaks my heart, however, are those who feel like they must leave the church and Christianity in general – that they must walk away from the faith – in order to break free from the legalistic chains that bind them. Unfortunately, there are plenty of organizations who are willing to help the wounded believer transistion into atheist.

    I have recently developed a friendship with a father who was once involved with Steven Anderson and his angry little IFB bunch in Arizona. This father is doing his best to pull his son out of that mess, but it is very difficult. There’s not a lot one can do to convince someone who is so committed to a graceless theology to walk away; it takes a work of the Holy Spirit and exposure to mature and godly counsel. Once the chains are broken, that’s when the former IFB’ers need strong believers who will come along side them to help them adjust to a healthy life of freedom in grace. Thank you for doing that for your friend.

    • Thank you Anthony. I’m sorry for my oversight in leaving off your website.

      It honestly breaks my heart that there are resources that helped me where the authors have since rejected faith. It doesn’t have to be this way, but so many are swept away by a combination of hurt and the liberalist agenda that SOUNDS good to the wounded heart.

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