1. This post made me cry Aprille. God’s grace is ALWAYS with us, and I’ve learnt that through all the horrible things that have happened this year. For some reason, the way you described this truth just bought me to tears; God is just so good to us.

  2. Shannon

    How true that God can meet us in the most unexpected places. He’s so faithful and so full of surprises (even in the form of roses in the dumpster!). It’s nice to meet you from the Fellowship Friday link-up!

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  4. Mish

    Oh ugh! He’s met me at the dumpster and the dirty dishes and the endless loads of laundry…and He’s done SO MUCH that I see and “know” and fail to appreciate. How?? How can you SEE the answer to prayers and still not trust Him totally? I trust Him with my teenager’s life every time he goes on a fire call…but I can’t trust that He’ll take care of me? Where’s the logic in that? He’s answered prayers that I stop praying years ago…and I’m an ungrateful wretch. I really am!

    This is where I’m stuck though. So I’m gonna go read the rest now. Maybe this is the answer to the prayer of getting myself…unstuck.

    • Mish, I wish I had some great words of advice to give you.

      I’ve been there so many time. Even today.

      “Lord, I believe. Help thou mine unbelief.”

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