1. Those who are born again are no longer under the law we are under grace…thanks be to God…for the law would of killed us…and still to this day so many Christians believe they are under the law or legalism..legalism comes when man believes he must do something in order to receive grace…thanks for sharing your post with your readers.

  2. Mish

    I just started reading this series, and I have to say, this post really hit hard. Every time I’ve ever done something wrong in my life (real or perceived), that shame is the part that sticks like a knife in my throat. I’ve always been a rebel (not a bad one, just never the “right sort”, y’know?), and the shame I had to endure from well meaning family and friends finally drove me as far as I could humanly get from them. I was never able to accept myself as “good enough”. It’s only in the last several months that I’ve started to come to the realization that maybe God made me “different” because it’s just the vision He had in mind when He put me together in the first place…no matter what the rest of my family thinks of me. I’ve accepted that I have God’s grace in all my faults and flaws…but it’s still very hard to remember it some days.

    I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. It’s so beautiful in its simplicity. Thank you for having the heart to do this.

    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experiences! I hope that, in time, God reveals the beautiful plan he has for you and you can find freedom and peace in it!

  3. Lukewarm Laodicea

    “And this is one of the biggest lies of the legalistic system: that actions trump intentions. ”

    This is what I’m working through right now. I was taught this not so much as a “law vs grace” issue, but as a “truth vs error” issue. They kind of overlap, but the emphasis is different.

    So you can be doing great things but if your doctrine is off, it doesn’t really matter.

    Thank you again for sharing. Seeing another person work through the same issues, and seeing it out in words is very…freeing.


  4. Rebecca

    I have just found this blog through a Google search. I know it was God who led me here.

    I could recite your story without reading it, because this too was my life. I grew up in a church exactly like yours. From birth I have had a “rebellious” nature, according to the adults in my life, and they let me know it often. My childhood was spent being constantly berated by the church-I wasn’t “behaved” enough during service, I had a “sassy mouth” because I constantly asked questions instead of just dutifully accepting what adults demanded of me, and on and on. I never did the “right thing” in their eyes and was constantly told how they are praying for me to get back on track with God.

    I have a vivid memory of imagining God in Heaven standing next to a whiteboard. Every time I did something bad or wrong, I imagined He would put a giant “X” next to my name and shake his head in disapproval. Grace was never a concept I learned. I thought of God the way I thought of all of the adults in my life-constantly disappointed in me, ashamed of me, and angry with me. Only it was made worse in that I still had the insight to understand what they told me in church-that only God could send me to Heaven. I was firmly convinced that in order to get to Heaven, I had to be a perfect golden child and I knew I never would be. I spent the majority of my teens and some of my adult years struggling with this. I still struggle today, although I am trying to really grasp the reality of His grace.

    I would love to have a conversation with you privately some time about this if you are ever willing. I have never met someone with an experience like mine and always thought I was the one outside of “God’s will” no matter what I tried to do right.

    It is extremely comforting to read your experience. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is just what I need.

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